Let’s solve a hard problem together

I’m a User Experience Professional in the Greater Boston area. I work with clients to devise and implement their digital marketing strategies, based on sound UX research, business strategy, and the latest web technologies.

I started creating websites in 1994 — commercially in 1996 — and I’ve never looked back. My experience spans cybersecurity, tech, non-profit, B2B, and consumer spaces.

When NCSA Mosaic got inline JPEG support in v2, it was a big deal. Since then, the web has evolved incredibly. We can now create amazingly rich user experiences.

Today, I provide unbiased user experience expertise for my clients, focused on getting real digital marketing results, while remaining deeply informed by my technical foundation and design education. My UX consulting engagements with B2C & B2B organizations have dramatically increased customer sign-ups, MQL lead generation, and product sales.

My projects have won dozens of awards for clients including JetBlue, SecurityScorecard, RSA Security, Rapid7, SSH, Digital Guardian, Press Ganey, Atlantic Broadband, Barnes & Noble, Motorola and Texas Instruments.

If you have a hard problem, let’s tackle it together.